• The Good Quality Of Brivis Service Melbourne You Can Get At Affordable Price

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    My Brivis service in Melbourne has been servicing Aussie cars for some time. It’s a shop that I have bought into as an investor in the past year or so. It has helped me to build up a lot of experience in this particular area.

    I was a bit unsure of how to approach my first Brivis repairs deal and so I made a point of writing a couple of business cards. My business cards were a disaster because I only had a single sheet of cheap copy paper left! It was a bit embarrassing really and left me feeling quite stupid.

    So how did it feel when I handed out my business cards? Well, there was a lot of laughter from the crowd. Many of them who were in the audience simply looked at me in a slightly odd manner, perhaps confused?

    I was very aware that there were probably several thousand people in the audience and a few of them would undoubtedly be interested in my story and maybe some of their contact numbers. The fact is that this event will mark the beginning of many contacts. And that is a great thing for anyone.

    I was not alone in having a lot of laughter during the event. There were several people in the audience who were quite shaken up by the event. It felt a bit like I was being teased with a ‘prank’.

    Sure enough, it was a ‘prank’ but who knew! It turned out that the crowd in the room had been invited as well. So you can imagine the confusion!

    The event was called a ‘Unconference’ and the purpose of the event was to help people in all walks of life to learn about each other. As such, everyone had to be guided. It was a great opportunity for Brivis service in Melbourne to introduce the local community to their business.

    It was also a sort of ‘sessions’ event. I went away from the event with quite a good knowledge of a Brivis service in Melbourne and the ongoing problems they are dealing with on a regular basis. The event was of the innovative type – ‘unconference’ type. You get everybody together and you pick a topic to talk about and you just start talking!

    It was not a structured event – it was more of a ‘let’s let people loose’ kind of event. This was the reason why the whole event was a great success.

    At the end of the day, I really enjoyed the event. I remember sitting next to someone who had just returned from Australia and she made it clear that she wanted to become involved in Brivis maintenance work. She also said that she wanted to provide a new service and introduce Brivis service in Melbourne.

    You might be thinking, ‘What’s the problem with that?’ Well, I am somewhat surprised when people get very excited about something. We have all been in the same position before where we might have become really excited about something and then been unable to get it across to others.

    What was important to me was that Service It Australia got to share his knowledge with people. This meant that the workshop was really successful and so it was able to share his knowledge with many people.