• House Recladding Auckland Can Make Your Home Safe and Healthy Once Again

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    The external walls of a home in Auckland have to bear the full brunt of the weather whether it be the sun, or rain, or colder weather. This can cause problems with leaks, the formation of mould and other things that point to the cladding not functioning as it should. House recladding Auckland may then be the only way that you can ensure that your home is again safe and healthy enough to live in.

    In the process of house recladding Auckland, all the exterior materials that make up the outer walls are removed until the framework is exposed. It is then necessary to fix all the parts that are damaged or in unsafe conditions. Once this is done, a new cladding is again put up on the framework and the house is recladded. Even where the external cladding is made of plaster, homeowners in Auckland and other parts of New Zealand are preferring to remove this plaster and putting weatherboard in its place. You can combine the exterior of your home with a combination of weatherboard, plaster and other kinds of cladding.

    Once the framing of a house gets exposed, it is best to bring in the experts who can identify the problems and take steps to rectify them. Neglecting these problems can lead to long term damage. Earlier building standards in New Zealand paid scant attention to drainage and ventilation in walls, and this did lead to leaky homes.

    A full house recladding Auckland can require a substantial investment and that is why it must be carried out only after a proper survey of the framed structure. Consider the need for recladding if you have problems consistently with leaks or mould. Constant musty smells and persistent symptoms of allergies do point to the growth of mould and spores that may be a result of a poor cladding envelope of your home. Leakage and dampness may also lead to warped flooring that indicated the need for recladding.

    Recladding is a process that can take a fair bit of time and you must be prepared for at least 3 months of inconvenience while the work takes place outside your home. Whether you need to vacate the home, will depend on the extent of the work and whether the removal of the external existing cladding does leave your home exposed.
    Costs will depend on the materials that you use for the recladding and the damage to the existing structure. Surely, SO Renovate can offer their services at the least possible cost.

    When you undertake the work of house recladding Auckland you need to ensure that the contractor or agency undertaking the work follows the latest building codes concerning external moisture, and may require the introduction of a cavity system and proper drainage of the cavity. If your timber frame has not been treated earlier, it will also be an opportunity for you to give it some protection that can extend the life of the structure.

    Recladding does not require you to take any permissions, but if you are taking advantage of the work to make any changes to the layout of your home, it is best you apply for the proper permits.